Making an Impact

With each sale, your purchase supports a person who is making a difference in the world through missions or other causes!  Up to 35% of all sales will support our "Fund Your Journey" partners. Thank you for helping to make an impact in the world through your purchase!

What Key is perfect for you!?

Prophetic Key

We LOVE praying for people who order from us! Choosing a "Prophetic Key" means that our staff takes the time to pray specifically for your key! We pray, asking the Lord for a word or scripture and then hand stamp it on your key!  Each word is uniquely prayed over for you!

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Custom Key

Choose the word for your own key! If you know the word you want on your key then purchase a "Custom Key" letting us know the word/scripture of your choice!

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Laser Cut Country Key

We have MANY  country keys on clearance! Each key is laser engraved(instead of hand stamped) with a country name on it. Get yours while they last!

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Unexpected Blessing. It is clear Jesus speaks through this ministry. This key allowed me to see Jesus in a new light, and through this, I got to see my place in the kingdom anew. Also, the quality of the product is outstanding. A new staple in my wardrobe.

Stephanie H.

LOVE THESE KEYS!!! Amazing gift of encouragement from the Lord!! Thank you for creating this organization!

Elizabeth H.

I purchased a prophetic key as a gift for my sister, and I have no doubt that their staff laid hands on this key and prayed over it. I didn't mention that it was for my sister. I didn't mention what she is fighting against now, but the word engraved on her key was "Warrior." This is a legit God thing. I'm so thankful that I made this purchase. Great company, quality product. 

Peyton G.

Key Stories

...It was harder to let go of my key than I expected. It was hard because I got used to holding it absentmindedly as I prayed or processed through thoughts. It was hard because I didn't want to admit I had grown in it, because I didn't think I deserved to admit it. Yet, even the process of letting it go was part of the growth.

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