For the past 4 months I wore a key around my neck, it said peace.

The day before I launched for the World Race I was given this key. Keys were given to all of us that day, each with something different engraved on it. These words weren’t random, each person’s name was prayed over, and they engraved whatever the Holy Spirit told them to. These keys are called ‘giving keys’. The goal is to pray into our word and figure out what it means for us, and once we do we prayerfully give it to someone else.

I have really great news for you. Today, I gave away my key. Let me tell you how it happened;

First of all, I have been doing ministry in the city of Siem Reap this month. We traveled around the city meeting with potential hosts for future World Racers. They call this Unsung Hero month. It’s been restful, and beautiful.

Coming up to the end of the month our teams got to prepare for this 3 day event called the Awakening. The vision for this event was to bring together 4 World Race squads who are all in different months of their race. We hear from a speaker, we worship, we learn from each other, and get spiritually fueled.

I was at a station where we received prayer from the leadership team. My squad mentor prayed this vision over me; he said that he saw me standing at a distance from a man with Jesus standing between us. He said that Jesus was transparent, and that he felt like God was telling me that I needed to look at men the way Jesus does. At first I was slightly confused. Do I look at men differently than Jesus does?

From there, the very next station was forgiveness. They had us write down a name on our hand of someone who we needed to forgive and wash it off to symbolize it being washed away from our life. In that very moment I realized that a small part of me has always held a grudge against certain men because of all of my past relationships. I had preconceived notions about other men, and I always questioned their intentions before even knowing them. I realized that I needed to forgive the ones who have hurt me in my past so that I can see men the way God does.

For the first time in a very long time I felt peace from the Lord. I realized that peace is about trust. I finally got to a place where I trusted God with everything. My future, my past, and now. I experienced peace that completely blew my mind.

After that, I started praying about my key and asking God to show me who he wants me to give it to. Which brings me to today—

We are still in Siem Reap for a few days before my squad will travel to Thailand. During these off days we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be in a big city full of tourists who all speak english.

I felt like I was suppose to go out with my teammates RJ, Kayla, and my friend Marissa. After praying, we strongly felt like we were suppose to go to the same place we went last night, a Mexican restaurant called Viva. When we arrived I immediately locked eyes with a man, and immediately I felt uncomfortable. My preconceived thoughts questioned his intentions. I stopped to let my friends make the decision on where to sit, and RJ immediately started talking to him. He was super friendly and asked if we wanted to have lunch together. We all sat down and we started a conversation about the Holy Spirit, dreams, visions, Jesus, and Christianity.

At a certain point in the conversation, Rj leaned over to me and told me that he felt like I was suppose to say something. I had no idea what that was but I opened my mouth and words came out, words about peace. I prayed for him, and then he asked me about my key. I got to share about how I recently figured out what my key meant to me, and suddenly I knew I was suppose to give it to him so he could figure out what peace means for himself.

I gave him my key, and he said he felt warm inside. We were all full of joy. I feel like God not only used us in his life, but God used him in my life. He ended up giving me a greenstone from New Zealand to wear around my neck. This will be my reminder that God has reconciled me and my negative preconceived notions about men and their intentions. I’m free, and someday this man we met at Viva will be free. He will experience peace beyond understanding, just as I have.

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