About Us

     Everyone has an area of their life in which they desire to grow. Something they want to cultivate. At the same time, the Lord is always leading us into an area of growth in our lives. The Christian life is not one of stagnation but of constant maturing. Keys for the Journey began because in order to have growth in our lives we need to be sure we are focusing on the thing we desire to grow in. Intentionally seeking the Lord and asking Him to help us in that development.

     Keys for the Journey exists to empower people to journey with the Lord in a specific area of their lives. Through the wearing of a word, you carry a tangible reminder to be in prayer over that area of your life.

"You cannot give away what you do not have."

     Once you’ve experienced the growth the Lord has for you with that word, you then hand it off to someone else. In giving the word away, you empower others so they can have their own journey with it. Keys for the Journey is about unlocking the Kingdom of God in your own life and the lives of others.